Morris Park Bible Baptist church is grateful for your consideration in joining us for the church planters’ meeting on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024. We plan to meet at the church at 12 pm, have a short message/charge, pass tracts and door hangers, then return for lunch and testimonies. If you would like to ride with Buckley Road Baptist in their van call Bro. Dan Smith (315) 247-2744. From Bro. Dan Smith – Pastors get a friend and car pool to this meeting.  They can really use your help.

What is NYSCP?

We are a loose knit group of King James Bible believing independent Baptist churches and Pastors that seek to help build, rebuild, and sustain other Baptist churches of like faith and practice within our God given field of New York state. We don’t need to be all in same “camp,” but in the same base doctrines of the faith. We recognize that the Great Commission given by God to “go into all the world” also includes the state of New York. So it is our purpose to preach the Word of God so that souls can be saved, Christians challenged to grow in the Lord, new churches established, existing churches built up, and men of God encouraged to know they are not alone in the work of the ministry here in New York.

“And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.” ​Acts 16:5

How Do We Work?

Local Baptist Church Only

We work only with church plants that are based out of a local baptist church, often known as the “birthing” or Jerusalem church. This church is the authority that each visiting pastor supports by his labor. We will not work in any other way.

“Working” Fellowship

Often pastors gather together for needed fellowship and encouragement, but, the NY State Church Planters have chosen to use these “fellowship” times to not only encourage each other but also to try to build other local Baptist churches in New York.

A Suggested Schedule For a Meeting

Most meetings usually begin around 9:30 with a time of preaching the Word of the God by one of the pastors. This preaching time is followed by a time of door to door evangelism within an area designed by the church planting pastor. This evangelism seeks to distribute literature, such as John and Romans, provided by the church plant or its “birthing” church. This soul winning time is what makes NYSCP meetings unique from most pastor’s “fellowship times.” The day usually ends with time together around a noon meal to share contacts and converts with the new church and its pastor. The meal is often at a local restaurant with each visiting pastor paying for his meal, so as not to burden the church plant. Often more homes are visited in one day than a church planting pastor and his family can visit in many months. Sometimes over 500 homes are visited in a single day.